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Prophet Who Allegedly Bedded 20 Women Speaks Out!

Prophet Who Allegedly Bedded 20 Women Speaks Out!

Daylight Ministries International leader Prophet Panashe Madekubve, who stand s accused of s.ex.ually preying on women in his congregation, has denied the allegations.

The 23-year-old man of the cloth, who has been trending on social media for allegedly bedding congregants, has described the allegations as “cooked up” and acts of “sabotage”.

He cleared the air after his former lover Anesu Dencia had threatened to expose him. “I dated (Prophetess) Anesu Dencia who resides in South Africa, whom I saw as my future partner but the relationship did not blossom because I could not meet up to the standards of Prophet Bushiri and other prophet models she kept on asking me to copy their patterns.

“So such a person did not deserve a lowly prophet like me as she kept on looking down on my lifestyle and had terrible anger issues,” he said.

Prophet Madekubve said all hell broke loose when he publicly announced his engagement to Bennita Sthando Sibanda, 22. He said the move did not go down well with many women who were in Prophet Madekubve’s church WhatsApp group.

Prophet Who Allegedly Bedded 20 Women Speaks Out!
Anesu Dencia

He said: “When I posted my engagement news on social media on a Monday morning 12th of October, my ex Anesu Dencia started to push by all means a mission stop the lobola ceremony.

“Yes I admit I was dating Anesu and Bennita at the same time but as a man, I had to choose a woman who was real with me and who appreciates me for who I am because I cannot turn myself into Prophet Bushiri or Prophet Makandiwa to suit Anesu’s satisfaction, and I thought all was settled between us but she pulled a shocker.”

He also rubbished claims that he had s.ex with more than 20 women from the his congregation. “With all moral sense, how can one bed 20 women reflecting on financial and health implications?

“How can one claim to have slept with me from the period of 1-3 October 2020 and then say she was pregnant on the 16th of October and that the pregnancy was over a month old reporting to a newspaper which published the lie on the 22nd of October.

Prophet Who Allegedly Bedded 20 Women Speaks Out!
Prophet Madekubve and Bennita Sthando Sibanda

It’s not true and its clear social abuse,” he said. Meanwhile, Prophet Madekubve who was recently discharged from hospital after he collapsed over the allegations and social mockery has since recovered from the trauma and has assured his ministry’s followers that all is well in faith.