I still cry, I know what I have

Under-fire PHD Ministries leader, Prophet Walter Magaya last night begged the government to give a herb, which he claimed on Sunday is a cure for AIDS and cancer, a chance by subjecting it to tests as guided by the country’s health regulations.

The government, through the Ministry of Health, yesterday repeated the message issued to H-Metro on Sunday saying there are processes and procedures that any new medicines go through before they can be certified as effective and safe for use by patients adding that there are no records on Prophet Magaya’s herb.

Apart from the government, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, the Retail Pharmacists Association and Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe also issued statements urging patients to continue taking ARVs as there is no proof of cure for AIDS.

Under Zimbabwean law, Prophet Magaya’s herb has to go through the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe for review and assessment before it can be given to patients.

In what might be ray of hope for Prophet Magaya, the ministry concludes by saying that they will continue to encourage and support innovation and discoveries of new products within the regulatory framework providing for such.

In a statement last night, Prophet Magaya said it was unfortunate that his statement on Sunday triggered an outcry that all but derailed their roadmap for the herb.

His biggest regret was that social media had seemingly complicated things by distorting his message on Sunday.

“My plan was to work with the Ministry of Health so that the herb undergoes the requisite tests locally after those done in India as per the law. Most people are commenting on what the social media is dictating but on Sunday I was very clear that people had to continue taking ARVs.

“I said from the beginning that I will be working in compliance with the Ministry of Health’s existing guidelines.

“I know what I have and I wrote to World Health Organisation, government and other authorities, some of whom have not responded but my intention was to communicate what I have. I believe what the tree I found has properties scientifically proven that they can fight HIV and cancer. That is what I found and I stand guided by the government and its organs.

“But I am crying, ‘please my government give me a chance, test what I have found. I still cry, give me a chance.”

Prophet Magaya said the rebuke by some key stakeholders will ultimately derail the ‘project’ such that what would have been undertaken in 14 days might take over a month now.

— HMetro



Tyra Chikocho is a Zimbabwean gospel musician and comedian who is popularly known as Madam Boss. As a gospel musician she has staged shows alongside Shingisai Suluma, Kudzi Nyakudya and many others.

Chikocho was born on April 10, 1985, at Harare Hospital. She is a beauty therapist by profession. She was married to….more here


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