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Prophet Rapes 21yr Old Bewitched Client


Prophet Rapes 21yr Old Bewitched Client

A depraved self-styled prophet has been arrested for allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman after inviting her over for prayers.

Calvin Edmore Nyoni (31), phoned his 21-year-old client(name not supplied to protect her identity) and told her that she was bewitched with a spirit of death.

He also allegedly went on to inform her that she was going to die soon because her relative cast a spell of death upon her life.

Nyoni warned her saying that she needed to visit him at his home for prayers so as to avoid the evil following her

Fearing for her life, the unsuspecting woman heeded the call and went to the prophet’s home.

According to a source privy to the investigations, upon arrival at the prophet’s place of residence, the woman found the prophet alone and she sat on the sofa.

Nyoni, who was on the phone, joined her after he had ended his conversation on the phone. He allegedly started fondling her breasts and thighs while telling her that he loved her.

The woman was uncomfortable with his sexual advances and asked him to stop.

“She rebuked him, but he insisted saying he loved her. He locked the door. He then grabbed her and asked her to have sex with him. He threatened to kill her and due to that his client gave in to his demand. He raped her thrice,” revealed the source.

B-metro report that after the sexual attack, Nyoni begged her not to reveal the sex ordeal to anyone.

She left and headed to her home and disclosed the sex attack to her flatmate who advised her to seek counseling at Musasa Project.

While at Musasa Project, she was advised to make a report at a police station leading to the arrest of Nyoni.

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