Prophet Passion Java Blesses Madam Boss With New Car

Popular comedienne Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho, has confirmed social media speculation that she was gifted with a new car by the flamboyant Prophet Passion Java.

Prophet Passion Java Blesses Madam Boss With New Car

According to Madam Boss, Prophet Passion Java was “dishing out” the vehicles to his “loyal congregant” and she happened to be in the right place at the right time. Although she is not a congregant at Java’s church, she received the car because she jokingly asked for one.

In an interview with Bustop TV, Madam Boss explained how Passion Java blessed her with the vehicle,

I was invited at his church event by a friend and l sited in the front row when l saw the Prophet entered dishing out cars l think to people who had remained loyal to his church whilst he was out of the country.

When he approached me he said l am surprised that Madam Boss has come to church please what can l do for you. I jokingly made a gesture of a car and he said to me you will get a car within a week and I surely got one.

Prophet Passion Java Blesses Madam Boss With New Car

Madam Boss, however, was not impressed by the people who are trash talking about her on social media claiming that she had an affair with Java and only received the car because of that. She added,

I don’t have anything against Prophet Passion and just because he is not liked by many doesn’t make me deny gifts coming from him.

Zvekunzi madam boss ihure hazvisi zvinyowani. Who doesn’t know that l had been constantly been called a hure…mapedestrian mazhinji ndoari kutaura kuti Madam Boss vakahurira mota.



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