Prophet Makandiwa’s Judgement night

PROPHET MAKANDIWA REMAINS UNDEFEATED | If the numbers that attended the opening day of the AFM and Zimpraise led conference are anything to go by then UFIC’s Emmanuel Makandiwa still remains undefeated on the numbers game as he still remains the only single preacher to fill Zimbabwe’s National Sports Stadium to its maximum capacity plus a huge overflow.

Prophet Makandiwa’s Judgement night

The churches of today are in silent but very visible numbers war in which the top contenders in Zimbabwe are Makandiwa, Guti and Magaya as the top singles with Makandiwa outshining the old-timer Guti who held celebrations in the venue a few years ago.

The ZAOGA FIF leader filled the stadium terraces adding a few hundreds of chairs in the soccer ground for his VIP members and the UFIC leader came in and choked the national sports facility by filling it up and covering the soccer field from corner to corner including the rubberised tracks which this reporter is informed that he had to repair afterwards. So huge were the numbers that UFIC had to take the B Arena for its overflow filling it up as well.

“The numbers game is biblical as Jesus attracted multitudes everytime he stood up to deliver the word of God” said a Pastor Murombedzi from AFM.Christ Embassy’s Chris Oyakhilome came in and had a fair share of numbers though the expected overflow was nowhere to be found as all the attendees fitted inside the stadium leaving a number of bays totally empty.

PHD’s Walter Magaya has avoided the NSS preferring his own backyard in Waterfalls in what some can consider as a way to avoid embarrassment. The last Makandiwa’s Judgment Night event was held on a farm and sources from within the UFIC told this reporter that safety concerns were the reason the charismatic preacher had opted to move from the stadium.

Prophet Walter Magaya – Night of Turn-Around

“On Judgment Night 3, some of our ushers ended up letting people sit in those stair gaps that are not meant to be sat in and that didn’t go down well with the facility’s officials who complained that it was shaking as people jumped up and down during praise and worship” said the informer who is in the UFIC leadership.

A lot has been said about the local church leaders and Apostle Guti and Prophet Makandiwa are outstanding when it comes to character as the two have no scandals on their backs.

Meanwhile the AFM led conference dubbed The legacy of The great Commission is continuing today, numbers were expected to shoot up as the main speaker is the internationally renowned Bishop TD Jakes who’s popularity is being put to the test in Zimbabwe and so far it doest look good.

Below is a video of Bishop TD Jakes preaching to an almost empty stadium in Zimbabwe.TD Jakes has been known to be influential in America and in Africa he is known for writing books.


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