Prophet kidnaps neighbor’s 2-month infant for use in prayer sessions


Prophet kidnaps neighbour’s 2-month infant for use in prayer sessions.

Charlton Nyamande (23) of Colleen Bawn is alleged to have asked for the baby and the mother refused before kidnapping the infant.


A self-proclaimed Gwanda prophet incurred the wrath of the law after he allegedly kidnapped his neighbour’s two-month-old baby to use him for ‘prayer sessions’

”On 15 August at around 9AM, Nyamande asked to be given his neighbour’s two-month-old child from his mother Patience Muzamba but she refused to give him. At around 3PM the same day, Nyamande again requested to be given the child who was now in the custody of Sizalobuhle Nsingo who further refused to give him the child and told him to ask the mother.

”Ms Muzamba instructed Ms Nsingo to only show the child to Nyamande but he insisted on holding the baby,” she said.

“Ms Nsingo gave the child to Nyamande who was standing outside and went to collect water from the house. “Upon her return Ms Nsingo found Nyamande gone and she informed the baby’s mother.” said the prosecutor.

Nyamande took the baby to his house and used him to conduct prayer sessions for his clients. He was discovered with the baby whom he had stripped off hat and socks leading to his arrest.


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