Prophet Eubert Angel’s GoodNews channel on Sky TV

Prophet Eubert Angel’s GoodNews channel on Sky TV.

Sky is Europe’s largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster by revenue (as of 2018), with 23 million subscribers and more than 31,000 employees as of 2019. The TV station gives the church access to the whole of Europe. His followers in Africa, Asia and Middle East will still continue to be served by his Miracle TV station. Industry experts told Nehanda Radio it would cost a minimum of £37 000 a month to broadcast on the Sky platform and when you factor in salaries for staff, at least £50 000 a month is needed.

Prophet UebertGoodNews TV owned by Zimbabwean preacher Uebert Angel today made history as it went LIVE for the first time broadcasting on Sky Channel 596. The Spirit Embassy: GoodNews Church founder becomes the first Zimbabwean to own and run a gospel TV station on the much coveted Sky platform in the UK.

In addition to this an EPG licence is required and could cost anything between £80 000 and £200 000. Then another broadcasting licence from Ofcom (UK) or an alternative broadcasting authority in Europe could cost around £15 000. Entry into this market requires a huge commitment.

On Wednesday an elated Uebert Angel told his followers on Instagram; “GOOD NEWS TV is LIVE tell someone in BRITAIN & EUROPE… Sky 596 right now…. THANK YOU PARTNERS…”

Last month he explained that; “this is our second TELEVISION STATION after Miracle tv which covers AFRICA and ASIA and the MIDDLE EAST. As aforementioned GOODNEWS TV will cover all of EUROPE… Thank you again to all of our financial partners.”

Angel follows in the footsteps of another Zimbabwean, James Makawa, a co-founder of The Africa Channel, a 24 hour cable and satellite channel that once broadcast in the United Kingdom. According to its website the channel is now only available in the United States and the Caribbean.

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