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Prophet Angel Appointed Zimbabwe Ambassador At Large!

Prophet Angel Appointed Zimbabwe Ambassador At Large!

Prophet ANGEL, who has been appointed Zimbabwe’s ambassador at large and Presidential envoy to America and Europe by President Mnangagwa, says there is more to him than being a prophet.

Speaking at State House yesterday after being accorded the honor, Prophet Angel said he was also highly educated.

“The biggest problem that we find is when a person is called prophet or pastor, that’s where it ends. People forget that I have two university degrees in finance.

A post-graduate in education from University of Bolton and a masters in Entrepreneurship from University of Edinburgh,” he said.

He added that he has “a vast knowledge of business and a lot of connections” to bring to the country. Prophet Angel said he got the honour because President Mnangagwa is able to pull from all “ecosystems and bring in people from all areas of life.”

He said his immediate task was to bring investors through his connections. “We are not leaving Harare, we are actually bringing people this coming week who are ready to invest in the country.

So we are actu-ally hitting the ground running, right now.” Prophet Angel said he will be assisted by his wife Beverly Angel, who runs a banking institute in Britain.

He said he intended to leave a legacy of helping people with his wife through their philanthropic works.

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