Prostitution could soon be out of fashion for some ladies of the night in Hwange and Victoria Falls with the introduction of income generating projects for them.

Speaking at the launch of the Killer Zivhu Foundation in Jabulani Village, Lupunyu outside Victoria Falls over the weekend, Chivi South Member of National Assembly-elect Dr Killer Zivhu said sex workers had to work and earn a decent living through projects he introduced in the area.

Dr Zivhu said society should not just condemn prostitutes without proffering solutions so that they leave the profession.

In combating the woes facing people at large Dr Zivhu launched a goat project targeting poverty stricken rural districts countrywide, where each beneficiary will get five goats as seed capital.

Dr Zivhu said the Killer Zivhu Foundation had the welfare of prostitutes high on its priorities as it rolls out a number of projects targeting the needy in the country.

He said the idea was to empower prostitutes with income generating projects such as cross border trading and handiwork among others.

“We are resuscitating the project with prostitutes where we want them to earn a living by buying and selling. We once helped them in Harare and now we want to start sustainable projects for them here in Victoria Falls and the whole country at large,” said Dr Zivhu.

Dr Zivhu who is the president of the Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association said there was a wide range of projects lined up by the foundation ranging from farming to vending and handcraft.

He said society should understand that most sex workers didn’t choose that path but were forced by fate.

“We want them in contract farming where we will ask for land in different parts of the country so that they can do projects.

“We are looking into their issue so that they start income generating projects like cross border trading, handiwork or peanut butter making among others.

“The truth is we are aware that most of them are not in that situation by choice but they don’t have resources.

“They sleep for a dollar or 50 cents because they are desperate and can’t afford that dollar. Yes, some are into prostitution because they want to but the majority are desperate and if given an opportunity for business they will leave sex work,” added Dr Zivhu.

He said once empowered, most sex workers will opt out of prostitution.

“Those who say prostitutes are a problem should have to rethink and empower them.

“If you don’t want them to do what they are doing, help them with sustainable projects than just to condemn.

“Some are willing to work and it’s for us political leaders to think beyond political ideology,” he added.

Dr Zivhu said having helped some sex workers before, the foundation is concerned that some joined the trade because they are orphans and victims of sexual abuse.

Empowering prostitutes will also help the country in the fight against HIV through behaviour change, said Dr Zivhu

He said the foundation aimed at reaching out to as many sex workers as possible countrywide as he appealed to every citizen to help by engaging them in their respective areas.



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