Prof Moyo threatened with arrest by Mliswa

Norton member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has threatened to arrest exiled G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo if he returns to Zimbabwe.

‘Prof Moyo bloodshed threats cannot be ignored’

Mliswa said Zimbabweans should unite and develop the nation than attacking each other, a jibe aimed at Moyo who continuously attack President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Twitter.

“@ProfJNMoyo should not return to this country, if he does l will arrest him as a citizen myself. It’s high time we just unite and simply work to develop Zimbabwe not constantly attacking each other out of spite, said Mliswa via micro blogging Twitter.

According to Mliswa, Moyo abused former nonagenarian president Robert Mugabe to indulge in criminal activities.

“He also abused Mugabe’s old age to indulge in criminal activities, stealing money from various state institutions like Zimdef.”

However, Mliswa claimed that if Moyo returns ordinary man on the street will not hesitate to attack him hence he advised him to stay in exile.

“Even if he comes back he is the sort of person people can attack in the street, so its best he stays there in Kenya.”