PRODUCER OF THE YEAR ! | He is undoubtedly the man of the year when it comes to making hit songs this year.


Born and raised Tamuka Mponda-Makuluni 28 years ago in Gweru, DJ Tamuka says he has always dreamt of brighter days when it comes to his passion of making music that started in a small studio in the dusty streets of Mkoba.

Today he says he is beginning to see the light in his career that he still says he still has a long way to go and still has a lot to achieve.

Raised in Gweru, Tamuka says he grew up in a music family and his family has always been a pillar of support in his journey.

Today he is one the leading producers in the land and the best this year as his works tell it all.

He is the man behind hit songs Nhema by Ex Q and Killer T, Ammara Brown’s Akiliz, Zvakanaka by Simba Tagz, Andy Muridzo featuring Jah Prayzah’s Emma, Jah Prayzah featuring Davido-My Lily, Chekeche by Military Touch, Nutty O’s Bugatti and now most recently Jah Prayzah’s hit album Kutonga Kwaro.

H-Metro’s NYASHA KADA (NK) caught up with DJ Tamuka (DT) to talk in depth about his music journey.

NK: Briefly tell us how you got into music?

DT: I started music after my O’level studies in 2006, I am self-taught and started off making beats on Fruit Loops at a studio in Mkoba 3.

In 2007 I started deejaying at bars in my ghetto until I met Daddy K (Farai Kanengoni) in 2009 and then I started deejaying at a more professional level in top clubs in Gweru.

In 2010 I was producing music for Black Face Entertainment then hooked up with Oskid in 2012 to form Zim Boys.

I moved from Gweru to Harare to join Kenako Music after Oskid called me up and said they need a second producer and he suggested me.

I then left Kenako to join JP studios last year October.

NK: A lot was said about the exodus of artistes at Kenako what really happened?

DT: I will give my own side and not speak for the rest but I felt I was pushing an individual’s big vision that was only centered on him but did not have the interests of other people that were helping build that dream to come to reality.

It was a good stepping stone for me though, it helped me to get to the new level.

NK: Did you at any time feel you were over shadowed by Oskid at Kenako?

DT: No not at all, my days at Kenako were learning days not that I am no longer learning, but remember I was someone who was making music that was only sufficient for Gweru and had come to a studio that was making commercial music sufficient for the whole nation and who knows, the region.

I got more exposure at Kenako and never for minute felt I was over shadowed by him.

We are still in good books by the way.

NK: What about the NAMA issue when you two were nominated for Best Producer category?

DT: I don’t how our names ended up being separated, but our names were both on the list since we were all at Kenako however it’s all in the past now and I am looking at things ahead.

NK: Just over a year at JP studios, how are you finding it here?

DT: All is well so far no complains and it has been a blessing to work with these guys, I am getting new exposure working with stars from Africa and all I want is just to grow and do better for me.

NK: How was it working on the Kutonga Kwaro album?

DT: We started working on the album, last year around October and as time travelled it got intense, a lot of sleepless nights doing corrections and all but the fruits of hard labour are what the album is all about.

We worked hard and now that it’s out it may sound as something that was easy.

NK: How are you handling the fame?

DT: (Laughs) I have always been a famous guy with in the circles I have been, when I was still in the ghetto in Gweru I was famous and now I’m in Harare, it is a whole new level of fame but I have managed to keep my cool, it’s not easy though.

NK: Family?

DT: I am married to my beautiful wife Simelokuhle Mangena and we have our bundle of joy called Mazvita.

My mom and dad are alive and stay in Gweru.

NK: Future plans?

DT: To do a lot of international work with artistes from Africa and other parts of the world.

I also want to make my own music as well as DJ Tamuka.

NK: Thank you for your time and all the best in your career.

DT: Blessings.



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