Prison officers arrested after stealing inmates rations.

Four Harare Central Prison officers will appear in court today after being arrested for stealing thousands of kilograms of sugar, salt and chickens which were part of prisoners’ rations. Rukudzo Konje (42), Rhodha Brilliant Mawadze (37), Avellino Muchawa (42) and Margaret Chikwature (30) are expected to answer to theft allegations.

Harare Central PrisonThe State says Assistant Commissioner Never Kambizi, who is the officer-in-charge of Harare Central Prison, got information that the prisoner’s rations were being stolen by the prison officers attached to the rations office and the kitchen and he instituted investigations. Between August 1 and December 11 last year, the four allegedly connived and stole the goods from the prison storeroom.

The theft was allegedly done in full view of the inmates. It is alleged the four stage-managed a break-in at the storeroom to cover up the theft which was reported to the police. However, an audit uncovered the theft of 1 447, 8kg of sugar; 166,8kg of salt; 217, 58kg of chicken; and 3023, 3kgs of beans.

The audit report will be produced in court as exhibit.

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