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“Prioritise Infrastructure Development Over Mbuya Nehanda Statue”

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has criticized the government’s decision to erect a statue for First Chimurenga heroine, Mbuya Nehanda in central Harare saying authorities should rather prioritise the construction of infrastructure.

Addressing party supporters during an online rally on Sunday afternoon, Chamisa said:

I heard this government wants to build the statue of the late heroine of the First Chimurenga, Ambuya Nehanda.

It shows that people are wired wrongly. This is inappropriate to build the statue.

You are telling us that you want to commit state resources to build a statue instead of putting money and effort into building buildings and infrastructure.

But you are thinking of building a statue, that’s wrong priorities!

Chamisa said an MDC government will honour heroes but will not worship the dead.

The Mbuya Nehanda memorial statue is being erected at the corner of Julius Nyerere Way and Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.

The project is being run by the Office of the President and Cabinet, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Ministry, department of Public Works, National Archives of Zimbabwe and National Museums and Monuments.

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