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President Mnangagwa boasts about sabotaging MDC


President Mnangagwa boasts about sabotaging MDC.

In the footage, Mnangagwa tells a crowd that if they vote for MDC in any election they will suffer because MDC representatives, be it Members of Parliament or councillors, would never have the guts to approach “a beast like me (Mnangagwa)” to ask for resources for development.

ED ZIMETROVideo of president Emmerson Mnangagwa boasting about how Zanu-PF ensures sabotage in MDC run urban councils has gone viral.

In Typical blasphemous fashion the president likens his power to that of God and says he would never respond to MDC requests because MDC representatives are not in his “book of life.” The video follows another where Mnangagwa bragged that Zanu-PF has captured all State institutions and nothing can happen in the country without his party’s say so.

An MDC councillor in Bulawayo yesterday told Bulawayo24.com that government sabotage in urban councils is very real and causes needless suffering of Zimbabweans. The councillor said the meddling seems to have escalated since the Mugabe Era ended.

“We have easily the best run council in the country but it can be better for residents if government was not throwing spanners into the works every time and causing residents to suffer. One way the government fixes us is to ensure that foreign currency allocations for critical stuff like water treatment chemicals or development projects are always late. Applications are made to the Reserve Bank but the money, if it comes, would have been overtaken by events and council would have sourced the money from expensive sources to ensure service delivery is uninterrupted. The cost of the expensive forex is passed onto residents because council has no choice. If we wait for government services will collapse and the same government will climb the highest mountain and shout that MDC has failed,” said the councillor.

An official from the local authority said when government populist projects fail in the city, council is forced to clean up the mess.

“Remember Murambatsvina where government destroyed people’s homes and came up with the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle project? Look at Cowdray Park where they built houses without servicing the area for sewer or roads. On top of that government officials corruptly allocated houses to multiple owners. Council, to avoid diseases that would kill people and increase the city’s health budget was forced to take over the project and service the areas. Millions of unbudgeted for dollars have since been poured into the project to solve the issue of multiple ownership of one house and provide service,” said the official.

A councillor from Harare said Zanu-PF does not realise that sabotaging urban councils is among the major causes of the country’s economic decline as the potential for the councils to contribute positively to the fiscus is lost.


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