President Mnangagwa Loses His Mind, Says 4+10 Equals 40

Well we all heard of the good things he ‘President Emmerson Mnangagwa’ is doing but is he too old for the job?? This is not the first time that ED has said something completely wrong, first it was on another rally when he said election were on 31 December. What do you think?? let us know below.


Zodwa Wabantu Breaks The Internet Again!

Zodwa Wabantu shows all at the #VDJ2018 – Pictures… It all started last year when Zodwa Wabantu shocked everyone with her dress at the Vodacom Durban July.

Zodwa Wabantu Breaks The Internet Again!

This year though she has stepped up her game and is even showing more than she showed last year. She already promised that she won’t be wearing any un….MORE HERE



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