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President Mnangagwa explains the Drax International US$60m deal

Done deal … Mnangagwa seen meeting Drax Consult SAGL’s Ilir Dedja (second from left) and Dilish Nguwaya (third from right) at his office in Harare. Far left is Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya

This comes when the state claimed in a court case that it did not know the company while ZANU PF Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda claimed during a press conference that the president did not know the company.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that he personally appeal to Drax International for support in fighting COVID-19 and the company has donated US$60 million for the procurement of drugs and medical equipment.

Drax International, fronted by Delish Nguwaya was contracted by the government to supply medical equipment and it sold the equipment at ridiculously exorbitant prices thereby prejudicing the state of millions of dollars. Nguwaya has already been arrested over fraud while Interpol in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Republic Police are also investigating the company over money-laundering.

Company officials, Nguwaya and Dedja are allegedly linked to the first family. Watch the video below for more.

Watch the video below:

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