President Chamisa: No law will stop MDC from holding its conference.

Nelson Chamisa was commenting after a High Court judge on Wednesday ruled that he is not the rightful MDC leader and instructed the party to hold a special congress with a month to appoint a new leader after the death of organ Richard Tsvangirai. MDC President Nelson Chamisa says there is no law that can stop the MDC from holding its congress and pursuing a democratic change in Zimbabwe.

Nelson ChamisaSaid Chamisa, “Neither politics nor law are frozen in time. Both are fluid and their fluidity is driven and shaped by the people’s aspirations in their quest for the change that delivers. The change sought by the historic 2,6 million votes can be delayed, but it will not be derailed or reversed.”

Meanwhile, the MDC Deputy Treasurer General Charlton Hwende said the preparations of the Congress are at an advanced stage.

“The decision to hold our congress on the 24-26 May was made by our National Council Chaired by our National Chairman. The Secretary-General then issued a public notice in terms of our Constitution. The Congress is Constitutionally due and all Preparations are at an advanced stage.

“ZANU-PF must never be allowed to take over our Party. Our Party is a party of the Democratic Struggles of our people in Zimbabwe. Thousands died for this party and as Leaders, we are not going to betray those people. We will not surrender but we will defend President Nelson Chamisa.”


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