Popular TV Actress BEATEN By Lover After Being Busted With Another Man

Pedyo Kure soap actress Elizabeth Nyandoro was recently bashed after being caught with another man by her former lover.

Popular TV Actress BEATEN By Lover After Being Busted With Another Man

The incident also led her to her losing her acting role according to local paper H-Metro. The 32 year old, who played the role of Vhoro, will not be on the screens anymore following the domestic violence incident with her married ex-lover known as Gerald Jerry’ Zimunya. The whole incident left her with a swollen and bruised face.

Elizabeth narrated how she was victimized by Jerry (39) after he caught her with a new man following their separation.

I have suffered a lot at the hands of Jerry, but I decided to part ways with him,” said Elizabeth.

Popular TV Actress BEATEN By Lover After Being Busted With Another Man

“Besides being a jealous man, he was so violent that I regretted falling in love with him. I wonder how he is living with his wife since it is his nature to ill-treat women. After begging him to allow me to move on with my life, Jerry sent love messages apologizing for ill-treating me, but considering how I was being abused physically, I refused to mend the relationship.

The issue forced my boss to fire rue from Pedyo Kure and I have been replaced and I want to say to my fans that life is sometimes unfair. “I will meet them on the streets since they will no longer watch me on screen. Love, if joined with a cruel man, is not sweet”

Elizabeth, a hair dresser by profession, is now a cross border trader following he dismissal from Pedyo Kure. She was granted a peace order a the Civil Court following her separation with Jerry.

Meanwhile Jerry has been bombarding her phone with messages asking for forgiveness.

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