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Poptain’s Pretoria debut

Poptain goes down memory lane

Poptain’s Pretoria debut

Dancehall artist Poptain is expected to have his debut show in Pretoria, South Africa tonight.

Poptain has recently held a number of shows in South Africa but is yet to perform in Pretoria.

Tonight’s show has been set for Blizz Lounge formerly known as Downtown.

Speaking to H–Metro show promoter Donalbain “Don Dillon” Mamvura said:

” Pretoria are so much looking forward to Poptain’s show because it will be his first show in town.

“So many of his fans have been requesting for him and we felt obliged to bring him to town.”

Mamvura also revealed that it was also his first show promoting.

“This is my first event and Poptain has motivated me a lot since he is a close friend.

“I know his passion since most of the times when he is in SA we together.

“I have been to his performances with him quite a lot and l find out that promoters have some few skills that they lack in their field which I feel I can do better,” he said.

He added:

“I’m promising more International live events which benefit Zim talent to be recognised worldwide.”

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