Poor funding delays release of new Timmy naBonzo edition


Poor funding delays release of new Timmy naBonzo edition.

Producers of the drama are struggling to raise money to pay the cast that featured on the 30-minute production. “We did a production with Mudara Bonzo before he passed on,” said Tapfumaneyi, who starred as Timmy in the drama series.

Timi na BonzoThe drama, featuring the late Lawrence “Mudhara Bonzo” Simbarashe and Timothy “Timmy” Tapfumaneyi, has since been submitted to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

“We have submitted the film to ZBC and we are still working on how we can get sponsorship so we can be able to pay our actors. “The 30-minute drama also features Madam Boss who acted as my wife and the original Mai Chocolate, who was Bonzo’s wife.”

Tapfumaneyi said they did the project with the aim of revamping their acting careers before Simbarashe, who acted as Bonzo, succumbed to ill-health. He also revealed that he was working on another short film which will feature dancehall musician Shinsoman as co-main actor.

“The short movie is titled “Friendship” and it will be featuring myself and Shinsoman as main actors. “Friendship” was inspired by the fact that we are close friends with Shinsoman.

“We had spent a long time without seeing each other. We later met at a restaurant. The movie highlights how friends sometimes betray each other especially in relationships where a close friend may want to snatch a woman from his friend,” he said.

Tapfumaneyi said they were receiving overwhelming response from individuals and organisations they approached for sponsorship towards the production of “Friendship”.

This is not the first time Tapfumaneyi has worked with Shinsoman. He featured on the singer’s video called “Mazivandadzoka” which received airplay on several television stations, including Trace Africa.

“I am also working on three other productions with plans to release them before the end of this year,” said the Rocket Media Corporation boss. Tapfumaneyi said acting was not rewarding enough despite the potential that the arts industry in Zimbabwe has.

“It is unfortunate that we do not have a ministry that looks after artistes. We wish we had a ministry just like the Ministry of Sports. The arts industry is a lucrative business that can contribute significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it can be the biggest employer in Zimbabwe.

“It is supposed to be the most paying industry that can produce millionaires like in Nigeria or even our neighbouring South Africa.’’



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