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Pomona Fire: Scavengers cry foul

Pomona Fire: Scavengers cry foul

More than 700 scavengers operating at Pomona dumpsite are crying foul following the outbreak of fire at the waste-yard.

The fire has derailed their industry since no buyers are allowed to enter the premises until the smoke settles.

The scavengers also confirmed that the fire was started by an electrical fault.

In an interview, one of the long serving members, Bla Nhema said:

“Magetsi akakonzera zvese izvi, and now business radonha.

“That’s how we are living and kuba hatigone that’s why tichiswera hedu kuno.

“It’s now five years operating from here and we sell to the industry, and this is an industry on its own.

“Motorists and buyers are not entering the premise so life is difficult for us.

“Pakaita zvishiri zvairovana , so zvakabva zvarova tambo dzepapole riri kucorner uko and pakasparker moto.”

BlaNhema said the dumping site had become their source of livelihood.

“This is not rubbish, this is money, and I am getting much from this.

“We stay in these shack structures whilst doing our business here.

“We are more than 700 people here and it’s legal because we are recognised by City of Harare.

“Ndikatokuudza kubasa kwako kwaunoswera iwewe nekuno, unotoona kuti kuno bho,” he said.

Another scavenger Angeline Ngonyami said the inferno has affected their operations.

“It’s true that it was started by an electrical fault and the fire has affected our operations since since we are looking after our families from the place.

“We stay at our places but these are just temporary shelters which we use when we are here.

“Our buyers are from recycling companies.

“I started operating this business in 1999 and the prices were affordable,” she said.

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