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Police to get tough on Covid-19 RULES!

Police to get tough on Covid-19 RULES!

Cabinet yesterday announced that the country’s security personnel would be more focused on the implementation of critical Covid-19 containment measures like social distancing and the proper wearing of face masks.

There are signs of Zimbabweans having grown complacent in recent weeks, as the spread ofCovid-19 has been slowing down.

People are no longer respecting the measures needed to contain Covid-19, especially on social distancing and proper wearing of masks. “With regard to Law and Order, Cabinet advises that in response to its earlier decision to further ease lockdown restrictions, security personnel will be directing greater attention towards the enforcement of critical Covid-19 containment measures such as physical distancing and the proper donning office masks,” reads the statement on the34th post cabinet briefing.

The strict measures by officers of the law come simultaneously with the easing oflodcdown meas-ures which have seen schools being reopened and international flights resuming (on 1 October).

“Cabinet noted that whereas Government’s response to Covid-19 has so far prevented a cat-astrophic spread of the outbreak, citizens are encouraged to guard against complacency and continue to abide by the protocols and measures currently being applied:’ said the statement.

Government also stated that travelers with Covid-19 symptoms would be charged USs6o before they are tested.

“As a measure to guarantee the safety of travel-lers, Cabinet further resolved that in line with Statutory Instrument 216(5) Section 8, which requires travelers showing Covid-19 symptoms, whether or not they have a Covid-19 -free certificate to be tested, a nominal fee of US$60 be levied on travelers tested at ports of entry, and that the proceeds be used to replenish laboratory commodities.

Metered taxi operations have been allowed to resume services to allow for the movement of tourists and citizens who are unable to use public transport.”

It was also stressed that all schools with no access to water cannot reopen even if they have exam classes, “Following the decision to allow for the phased reopening of schools, Cabinet noted that the dissemination of Covid-19 Standard Operational Procedures has laid the foundation for the establishment of Sentinel Surveillance Centers.

The centers will assist in monitoring adherence to Covid-19 protocols and promote a safe learning environment. “Every school has been linked to a specific health team.

This strategy will ensure active Rapid Response at local level. Designated Temporary iso-lation Holding Bays have been set up at each school for individuals requiring further health attention after screening.

“There is mandatory logging and thermal screening at every school entry and exit point in order to enhance contract tracing and surveillance.

Schools that are unable to provide water are being advised that they cannot re-open before the situa-tion is rectified,” reads the statement.


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