Police Release 5 Men Involved In $4m Cash, 98kg Raid


Police Release 5 Men Involved In $4m Cash, 98kg Raid

Harare police have reportedly released five men who were found in possession of 98kgs of gold and US $4 million dollars cash after a police raid at a house in Borrowdale.


According to reports, the men are government agents who buy gold for Fidelity Printers and Refiners (FPR) and had been setup up by rival buyers of gold.

A source with inside information gave detail on the developments.

“You would be aware that the group, linked to Suzan General Trading (Suzan) and by extension Kamlesh Pattni, has been released because they were government agents and partners. And in fact, their cash and gold was also returned…had fallen foul of a dirty campaign and set-up by rival bullion buyers.”


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