Police ready to crush Thursday’s planned demonstrations.

A message that has been circulating on social media has called for Zimbabweans to embark on a violent protest on Thursday in a bid to show the citizen’s displeasure at the way the Emmerson Mnangagwa government is running the country.

police-demo-clashThe Zimbabwe Republic Police is ready to crush anyone who will engage in an unlawful mass uprising that is being called for by some shadowy characters who are using social media.

“ZRP is urging members of the public to disregard a social media post which is calling for the public to engage in acts of violence by burning vehicles, destroying shops, stopping children from going to school and agitating for bloodshed on 30/05/19.” Police said.

ZRP added that the source of the inciting message is being investigated. “Police are on high alert and will arrest anyone who engages in any form of violence, threats or intimidation to the community. The source of this alarming post is now subject of police inquiry.”

The recent message is part of a series of voice notes that have flooded social media in the past week calling for a mass uprising. Last week a message allegedly emanating from social group Tajamuka instructed Zimbabweans to shut down the country for one week.

Few days back another message claimed President Mnangagwa was being held hostage at State House by the Zimbabwe National Army who are forcing him to resign.

Many prophets from Zimbabwe and abroad have given a message warning Zimbabwe against bloodshed if they engage in demonstrations. Prominent Bulawayo Pastor Ian Ndlovu encouraged MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to engage in a dialogue with President Mnangagwa to avoid bloodshed.

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