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Police Raid ‘Drug Dealers’

Police Raid 'Drug Dealers'

Police Raid ‘Drug Dealers’

Drug dealers and Shebeen Queens were raided by police in Glen View and Budiriro on Sunday.

The suspected dealers were rounded up along with their clients.

People who included clothing and food vendors expressed their happiness as they watched police arrest nine drug dealers at Tichagarika Shopping Centre, where they operate in a parked commuter omnibus.

“Police vagona dai vakasazovadzosera munzira nekuti hupenyu hwevana hwaparara nekuda kwema drugs ipapa,” one of the onlookers was heard saying.

Illicit drugs, crates of opaque beer and wine were recovered at various houses operating as shebeens in Budiriro.

Source | H Metro

ZiMetro News has also learned that a GLEN VIEW landlady on Saturday removed doors and roofing sheets from her house to force defaulting tenants to pay rentals.

The incident left four children sleeping in the open as the landlady demanded that the child’s mother pay up.

No Rent For Nine Months...Landlady Removes Doors, Roof

Two sisters, only identified as Tsitsi and Mai Chelsea, confirmed their failure to pay rent arguing that Covid-19 negatively affected their sources of income.

Their efforts to seek protection from Glen View police hit a bridge wall when law enforcement agencies referred them to the Rent Board for detestation of their case…Learn More


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