Home LOCAL NEWS Police Officer Strangles Wife With Chain Over $100 Ecocash Transaction

Police Officer Strangles Wife With Chain Over $100 Ecocash Transaction


Police Officer Strangles Wife With Chain Over $100 Ecocash Transaction

Bulawayo residing police officer beat up and strangled his wife with a chain following a misunderstanding that arose over $100 ecocash that was allegedly given to a female neighbor.

Winnet Muchapa was immediately taken to the hospital after her husband Constable Munopa Gorogodo went berserk and attacked her when she questioned him over an Ecocash transaction that he had made.

According to reports made, the incident took place soon after he arrived home from a party that he had gone to.

Muchapa allegedly searched through her husband’s phone and stumbled on an Ecocash message which reflected that Gorogodo had sent $100 to a female neighbor.

She went on to confront him over the $100 transaction and an argument began. While exchanging words, anger got the better of Gorogodo who then attacked his wife.

Before reaching for a chain, he grabbed Muchapa and used the chain to strangle his wife. After that, he turned her into a punching bag as he hit her all over the body with fists.

The sad incident got the attention of neighbors who watched helplessly as the ugly scene happen.

Two neighbors summoned their courage and restrained Gorogodo from continuously assaulting her.

She was then rushed to hospital due to the injuries she sustained during the attack.

The officer was arrested after the matter was reported at Mzilikazi Police station.

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