Police Officer Sires 5 Kids With 4 Women, Dragged To Court Over Maintenance

A Casanova police officer who sired five children with four women has been dragged to court for maintenance over one the children.


Ms Nontobeko Sibanda is reportedly demanding $150 from Lazarus Muzamba for the welfare of their three-year-old child.

“He does not contribute to his child’s life. I am requesting $150 for child support,” she said.

Muzamba is reported to have offered $50.

“I earn $358 after deductions. I am married and I have two children with my wife. I have five children in total and they all depend on me. I am paying $100 maintenance for one of the children. I cannot afford $150, I can only give her $50,” he said.

Ms Sibanda refuted his claims saying she only knew of two children.

Muzamba failed to account for one of the children saying the child is not registered in his name.

“I have three birth certificates with me. One of the children is registered in her mother’s name which makes it difficult to prove to the court that he is my child,” he said.

The magistrate then ordered him to pay $60 for the child.



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