Police Officer Pours Poisonous Liquid On Wife’s Privates In Bid To ‘Fix’ Her

A BULAWAYO-based police officer identified as Albert Nyika allegedly strangled his wife, identified as Zanele Dube before dousing her privates with an unspecified poisonous substance.

Police Officer Pours Poisonous Liquid On Wife’s Privates In Bid To ‘Fix’ Her

Zanele revealed that she walked out of her marriage citing that she was a victim of her husband’s verbal, physical, emotional and se_xual abuse

She also claimed she suffered a miscarriage after her Albert viciously kicked her bulging stomach. It was Albert’s constant abuse that forced her to walk out of the marriage.

Albert, who tried tried to fix his wife his wife by dousing a poisonous substance on her privates was exposed at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Zanele was seeking a protection order against him.

“I am the applicant in this matter. The respondent Albert Nyika is my ex-husband and is of a violent nature. During the subsistence of our marriage he was in the habit of verbally and physically assaulting me.

Sometime in June 2016 he insulted and assaulted me. He also kicked me on the stomach and I was pregnant at that time and as a result I suffered a miscarriage. He also strangled me using his gym equipment before he put a poisonous substance on my private parts.

As if that was not enough, on 28 November that same year he se_xually abused me. It is then my prayer that if this application is not considered as a matter of urgency he might permanently injure or kill me” said an emotionally disturbed Dube.

In response, Nyika disputed his ex-wife’ s accusations saying she was only after tarnishing his image.

“All the allegations she has levelled against me are not true. After our separation I was not even communicating with her and I am surprised why she is saying I am abusing her. She is only after tarnishing my image. I don’t have any problem even if the application is granted in her favour since I am not abusing her” he said

In his judgment the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Nyika not to verbally, physically and se_xually abuse his ex-wife as well as not to communicate with her or visit her place.



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