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Police Launch Chishika-Shika Chapera

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Police Launch Chishika-Shika Chapera

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Police in Gweru has launched an operation code-named “Chishika-Shika Chapera” targeting pirate taxis and kombis.

Pirate taxi operators have been taking advantage of transport shortages of late due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations to ply several routes, including the banned inter-city travel.

Monday morning, dozens of pirate taxis were impounded and Gweru Central Police Station had run out of space, with the police taking other impounded taxis and kombis to either Mtapa or Mkoba 1 police stations.

Private-owned commuter omnibuses (kombis) were last year banned from the roads as a measure to curb the transmission of the coronavirus.

Stakeholders and members of thee public have been calling for the return of the kombis to ease transport shortages but the government is adamant that kombis will not return.

The Local government ministry urged kombi owners to contract their vehicles to the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO).

Some considered the suggestion while some refused saying the arrangement was unsustainable.

Some have been operating illegally resulting in chases with the police.

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