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Police Force ‘Killer’ Woman To Exhume Her Murdered Lover

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Police Force ‘Killer’ Woman To Exhume Her Murdered Lover

Police officers ordered a woman suspected of killing her live-in lover to dig up his remains from a shallow grave while they taunted her, a new video seen by ZimLive shows.

Siphathisiwe Sifiso Dube (49), allegedly murdered Stanley Moyo before burning and burying his body in a shallow mountain grave in Siyaphambili Village in Filabusi.

The video shows a police detective yelling “fuseki iwe” (voetsek) at the woman adding: “If I had come alone, I would have made her eat his intestines.”

Police later ordered Dube – said to be a mum of seven – to carry the remains from the mountain on her head.

Dube appeared before Filabusi regional magistrate Abednico Ndebele last Friday accused of teaming up with her son, Mqondisi Mnkandla, 20, and brother, Bhekimpilo Nkomo, 42, to kill Moyo following a domestic dispute.

The trio allegedly buried Moyo in a shallow grave on a nearby mountain, but after a few days discovered that dogs had dug the body up and were feasting on it.

They then allegedly decided to burn the body, before reburying what remained.

In the video believed to have been shot by police officers, the detectives are heard demanding to be shown Moyo’s intestines and legs which are apparently missing.

Prosecutor Shepherd Moyo did not say what led to the 16 August killing which has horrified locals.

Ndebele remanded the trio to September 16 and advised them to appeal for bail at the High Court.

Ward 1 councillor Festas Ndlovu told reporters Dube and Moyo “had a history of fighting.”

He said Dube was a widower who took in Moyo as a live-in lover.

She led police to the mountain grave after interrogation.

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