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Police Exposes Dj Fantan’s Lies!

Police Exposes Dj Fantan’s Lies!

Police Exposes Dj Fantan’s Lies!

DJ Fantan performed a bad copy of Shaggy’s smash song “It Wasn’t Me,” but police discovered his falsehoods.

DJ Fantan has case to answer, according to police, and is likely to appear in court to face domestic violence accusations.

He was detained at Waterfalls Police Station for the better part of Tuesday night before he was later released into custody by his lawyer.

A National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, yesterday said Fantan had been arrested and detained.

This is despite baseless efforts by Fantan and his followers to try and discredit the H-Metro story.



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“DJ Fantan was arrested under case number CR53/05/22 at Waterfalls Police Station.

“He was arrested, detained and released later so that he appears in court (from home),” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

Ass Comm Nyathi said the H-Metro story was factual and people should desist from believing in social media.

“I have seen DJ Fantan on social media claiming the H-Metro story is fake. He said he was never arrested and some people believed that.

“People abuse social media and that is not good.

“DJ Fantan was arrested and was in a police cell yesterday (Tuesday) where he was detained. He was only released later.”

While Fantan’s bandwagon fought for him on social media, other social media users condemned the chanter.

“People want to use social media for the wrong reasons. I have seen them on social media attacking H-Metro claiming that there is no such case after DJ Fantan claims,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“They should not attack H-Metro for publishing the truth.”

In an interview with H-Metro on Tuesday, Gamu claimed she was being abused by her husband.

Gamu argued that the Chillspot Records co-proprietor assaulted her and damaged their household property, prompting her to lodge a complaint.

“I have suffered enough at the hands of this man. He has been assaulting me, abusing me, destroying our property and I think it’s high time justice takes its course.

“I am at Waterfalls Police at the moment and he has since been detained. They have locked him up.

“I am not aware of the procedures, regarding when we are going to appear in court.

“But, that is my wish because I want him to be stopped from abusing me,” Gamu told H-Metro.

Gamu claimed Fantan ‘locks’ her in the house.

“He doesn’t want me to do my own things, arguing that I should be a housewife – only responsible for household chores.

“This is despite the fact that he doesn’t give me money.

“When I challenge all this, he becomes violent, abusing me and destroying property,” she said.

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