A 31-year-old Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer stationed at Nembudziya in Gokwe reportedly assaulted a complainant who was making a report at the charge office last Friday.


Sources close to investigations allege Constable Cuthbert Hondonga (31) assaulted Queen Elizabeth Muza (24) who was filing a fraud report in charge office.

“The constable who looked drunk came in a civilian attire and saw the complainant in charge office making a fraud report under RRB number 3302700 and started asking her stupid questions which were not work related,” revealed the source.

“Hondonga went on to harass the complainant by making her remove her shoes and sit on the floor on which she complied.

However, Constable Goodshow who was manning the charge office and was temporarily supplying information to his superiors when the complaint was being harassed eventually told her to stand up and that angered the accused.

The accused constable became violent like a wounded buffalo and pulled the complainant by the hand before slapping her twice on the head prompting the weak Muza to fall on the floor.”

The Officer In Charge was told about the incident and a docket was opened against the accused under CR 48/05/18.

Muza was referred to Gokwe district hospital for treatment and medical examination where her condition was said to be stable.