Pokello’s bae responds to cheating allegations.

Remember sometime this week there were pictures of Pokello’s bae hanging out with some other chick, and social media accused Pokello of stealing or rather cheating with someone’s boyfriend? Well, the guy has spoken out about the issue and we now understand what’s happening. In case you have forgotten her is the picture below of Pokello’s bae with the other lady.


So to clear out the misunderstanding Pokello’s bae who uses the Instagram name as Rondontharon just posted this simple caption on his account after posting this hot picture of Pokello:

Pokello Nare

And a fan who loves Pokello with all her heart had this touching message for all of us, standing firmly with Pokello… l remember sm1 said … these men dont even love Pokkello they jst want ppl to know that at some point they hev been with her… 💔 How Sad… When A Woman Embraces her full potential & faces the world with her head up High our society instead of aplauding they throw stones.. Bath Mummy… get The Schomey Mummy.. If the Relationship gets Toxic get out of it Mummy.. At the end of the day its your life & dont let us & our primitiveness Iimit you.. You have no idea Who & How many Women You Inspire ❤️❤️ Sad part is if a man does any of this society doesnt give a damn🤷🏾‍♀️But Women Get attacked for knowing their Worth .. Smh .. # Her life , Her Journery.. Her Mistakes Her lessons…


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