Pokello: Women are naturally expensive, so choose the female in your price range.

Pokello never disappoints shame, when it comes to her words and how she just expresses herself to the world. She doesn’t fear anyone, she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind and every time she speaks out people will always have a say about it. And you know what, Pokello knows that too but she never backs down. That’s the most thing we even like her more for. Check her latest message to all men as she posted a whole lot of saucy pictures of herself as she is always serving fire.

“Choose The Female In Your Price Range”, Pokello Offers Words Of Wisdom To Males
Socialite, businessperson and social media personality Pokello Nare has offered relationship to men. According to the former Big Brother Africa housemate, females are naturally expensive so men should be careful when entering relationships by choosing the women in their ‘price range’