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Pokello Speaks Out – “I dint say hamugeze asi kuti Women’s appearance is important”

Pokello Speaks Out -

After our article we did on her session educating women on how to bath and look representable at work, the businesswoman‘s videos explaining what she meant about bathing have surfaced.

Pokello naturally she has a good skin texture that makes men drool for her. And with some skin products, she uses it makes her look even hotter. But she herself gives credit to bathing for her looks.

Some might argue that she has all the essentials that are needed after bathing, well that might be true, but she says 50% of her glowing and looking stunning is just by bathing only.

Pokello says she spends about 45 mins when bathing without hurrying and when she is in a hurry she makes sure at least she spends 30mins in the special room. Check the videos below as she explains in detail. Here is what she had to say…

This past weekend I had the honour of sitting down with progressive, young women to talk about
1. The importance of image & Grooming
2. Skincare
3. Confidence
4. Overcoming Challenges
5. Financial Independence

They chose me to speak to young women on these vast topics because I am a textbook reference of how even at your lowest, you have the ability to turn your situation around. Against all efforts to discredit my strides, let it be known that I’m not the girl I was 10 years ago. I’m a journeyed woman, loved, resilient and peaceful. Despite the many fabricated headlines and stories written, you cannot break my spirit or ever use my past against me- I don’t live there anymore!

I look forward to the day when the headlines are a depiction of the truth.

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