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Pokello Returns With More Shocking Sunday Confessions

Pokello Returns With More Shocking Sunday Confessions

Socialite Pokello Nare returned with another episode of her Sunday Confessions in which people share their dark secrets anonymously.

This week’s episode was no less disturbing with people confessing to some truly horrible things. As usual, Pokello had a thing or two to say after sharing the confessions.

Below are some of the confessions from yesterday’s installment of Pokello’s Sunday Confessions.

Confession: I’m dating a married guy and I feel like telling his wife about us! I want them to divorce.

Pokello’s Reaction: Well if you tell his wife, you ruin their marriage and he will leave you too. Why you loading.

Confession: Been having s..ex with a famous Prophet, I escort him on all his trips overseas and regional.

Pokello’s Reaction: This is why I have a problem with Churches. They preach one thing and do exactly the opposite.

Confession: I have slept with a married church mate several times at her place on her husband’s bed.

Pokello’s Reaction: Yohh! your going full in huh? Coz if that man catches you that bed.

Confession: Lost feelings for baby dad…wanna leave him for a married man though.

Pokello’s Reaction: Married men are taking all the girls. What are they doing that single men are not?

Confession: I was to wed this April, during lockdown I reconnected with my Ex, now I want to marry her…

Pokello’s Reaction: This lockdown will break a lot of hearts

Confession: My boyfriend’s family does not know that I’m married and they love me. His mum has us on her display picture.

Pokello’s Reaction: And here is Miss Trophy for today. Take your trophy and just Go

Confession: Dating 2 guys. One want to marry me but his sex game is bad but I love his money.
Pokello’s Reaction: Let me help you out. When you get married to rich one and you live in that mansion, you will stilll not be satisfied because the sex is wack. So pick a struggle.

Confession: I’m cheating on my boyfriend with a quarantine bae. I’m getting d*** every night.
Pokello’s Reaction: I’m sure the Extension News was very much welcomed in your house. Bae not trying to come over though?

Confession: I am married, my ex is married, but we still have sex on his matrimonial bed here and there.

Pokello’s Reaction: Sounds like you should have just married your ex.

Confession: I lied to my minister boyfriend that the pregnancy yandinayo ndeyavo, food, allowance, car an…

Pokello’s Reaction: Hayi girls, please stop with this tired trick. Then after a few months you miscarry right? If you can’t secure a bag without all these Shenanigans sis reevaluate what you are putting on the table.

Confession: Beat up my dad’s side chick with my sister. He got dumped and mom doesn’t know.
Pokello’s Reaction: Y’all gone beat the next one too? Maybe she didn’t even know he was married.

Confession: I’m married. I slept with 5 different men since 2016. 2020 January one single guy wanted to marry me.
Pokello’s Reaction: The ultimate cougar.

Confession: Am gay. I been sleeping with my wife’s brother for 3 years now.
Pokello’s Reaction: Ohhhh. Eish. Aaah. Hmmmm. Typing….

Confession: Lied to bae I was a virgin. Coincidentally next morning got my period spoiled the bed and he believed.

Pokello’s Reaction: Here comes the Money Heist crew. I knew you were on your way Virginia.

Confession: When I started varsity I was a virgin but within two weeks I had already slept with 4 different guys though.

Pokello’s Reaction: I know you were one of those girls who the parents never allowed to attend parties or to do sleepovers. We know y’all kind from varsity too. That’s how they embrace their new found freedom.

Confession: I have had an abortion with my previous boyfriend in high school. My fiance now is perfect. I feel like I’ll hurt him if I tell him about…

Pokello’s Reaction: Do you also want to tell him you once broke eggs when you were a child. Stop volunteering information.

Confession: 14 years married after tasting this side dude. I realise I have been missing so much.
Pokello’s Reaction: Lol what exactly have you been missing sis. We want to know.

Confession: I’m dating my father’s second wife coz she is younger than me.
Pokello’s Reaction: Hayi, I’m tired. The drama.

Confession: Sidechick thinks I left because of her, but it’s because I found out huby akaromba. Imba yakatakura.

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