Olinda says Pokello is the woman Stunner truly loves. She said the former lovers are not together now only because Pokello does not want him back.

Olinda said this became very clear to her when she realized that Stunner was cajoling her to smell and look like Pokello. She said the penny dropped when the perfume and shoe Stunner asked her to buy were Pokello’s favorites. She said the haircut was the last straw.

Olinda was speaking in a wide-ranging interview with Star FM. She was asked if she was still in love with the rapper as widely believed and she said that door was closed. But she said he was a funny guy whom she talked to when she was down.

She said Stunner always phoned her when he was facing troubles in his marriage. He would then block her as soon as they finish
talking because he did not want Dyonne to know that the two were communicating. Olinda said at present, their relationship had soured after Stunner said they were not friends.

She also talked about her relationship with Tytan whom she said broke her. She said she was not searching for love at the moment but
revealed that she was nearly swept away by a guy who had been her shoulder to cry on for some time.

But she said she stopped herself from acting on her feelings for the guy because she did not want to mistake his sympathy for love.



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