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Pirating Motorist Arrested For Offering US$5 Bribe To Police

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Pirating Motorist Arrested For Offering US$5 Bribe To Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested a motorist for offering a US$5 bribe to traffic police officers in Zvimba. Some argue that the “corrupt” police arrested the motorist for offering a small fee, not bribery.

The police announced the arrest in a Twitter post that reads:

On 13/08/21, Police in Zvimba arrested Tafadzwa Gwangu (30) for bribery. The suspect who was pirating with a Toyota Noah with 10 passengers on board approached a roadblock at the 36km peg along RG Mugabe Rd & offered US$5 to one of the officers in a bid to bribe him.

Cases of motorists bribing have been on the rise and some are not reported as motorists would be in a rush or fear to be charged more for their offences.

Most reported cases are of commuter omnibus (kombi) operators who deem it time-wasting to go through the legal platforms.

Private-owned kombis were last year barred from the roads to prevent the spread of the coronavirus but the defiant owners have been pirating some routes making them easy prey for corrupt officers.

Some fake police officers have also been mounting roadblocks and extorting unsuspecting motorists.

The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Ruth Mavhunga Mabhoyi, this year told Parliament that spot fines for those who would have broken traffic rules are legal and must be paid on the spot hence the name spot fine.

She also said in the case that one does not have the money at hand, they can make arrangements with traffic officers on payment modalities.

Legislators asked if negotiating with police officers on payment modalities is not creating a conducive environment for corruption to which she said the best way to avoid corruption was to make sure motorists comply with road rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, scores of police officers were arrested in the past for demanding bribes from motorists caught on the wrong side of the law, even for petty offences.

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