A 28-year-old pillow vendor from Bulawayo was arrested in Tsholotsho for allegedly breaking into seven houses in one night.


Hillary Sibanda of Mzilikazi suburb allegedly stole property worth about $300 from houses and laundry lines at Efusini Township in Tsholotsho on Friday night. He had been spotted earlier during the day, selling pillows.

A source close to investigations said Sibanda used selling pillows as cover to scout at people’s homes for property to steal.

Members of the neighbourhood watch committee apprehended him after they followed his shoeprints from one of the houses he allegedly broke into. They caught him at Tsholotsho Business Centre on Saturday.

Sibanda stole mostly clothes, which include jackets, trousers, skirts, a baby blanket, pants, t-shirts, socks, bras and dresses.

“One of the victims discovered that his clothes were missing and with the assistance of a neighbourhood watch committee member, they traced Sibanda’s shoeprints which led them to the business centre where he was arrested.

“The suspect who was found in possession of some clothes while he had sold some, is being charged with unlawful entry and theft,” said the police source.

The source said the rest of the victims found their clothes at the police station after police impounded them from Sibanda.

Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala yesterday said he had not yet received the report.



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