Pictures of Misred as the NAMA host.

She was one of the co-hosts at the NAMA awards which were held over the weekend. Misred looked stunning at the event and did a fantastic job, being helped by co-hostess Donna M to drive the ship. The duo really did a great job.

Donna M a Skyz Metro FM DJ was looking all elegant but today we choose to focus on Misred on the outfits she wore at the function. We all know already that when it comes to fashion Misred’s taste is simply amazing. She wore 3 outfits and they were all on point.

Check the pictures as we help her celebrate her fashion sense and style. She herself was in love with her hairstyle she wrote: My Hair Stylist Tafi wanted us to try something that speaks to the theme so she did some magic with these long Jumbo Braids! (A lot of people dming wanting her number so I’m putting it here for anyone who needs it for a few hours! TAFADZWA  0776855700)

1Misred hairstyle the NAMAs