The gates had to be shut at Sakubva stadium in Mutare on Saturday to limit the number of people entering after over 20 000 packed the arena to witness the MDC Alliance rally led by presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa. With the terraces packed, many were channelled onto the pitch.

“What overwhelmed me today is that from the formation of the party, we have never addressed such a packed stadium such that we start the programme with people still streaming in.

“I’m told the gates had to be closed. I wish my father and mentor . . . Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was here. It’s sad that he did not live to witness this although he is the one who set us up to this day…

“You did something that is amazing…I know we did not bring anyone from outside Mutare. I went to Chipinge, Chimanimani, Mutasa DC and Hauna. The people I saw there showed me that Zanu PF is the former ruling party and we are the ruling party,” Chamisa said.



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