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Pic: Is this Zodwa Wabantu’s New bae?


Pic: Is this Zodwa Wabantu’s New bae?

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is still reeling from her breakup with Ben10, Vusi Buthelezi. Whilst she has publicly claimed that she wants her man back, Zodwa has still been braving the quarantine all by her lonesome.Zodwa-Wabantu

In a recent Instagram post, Zodwa teased fans with a mystery man. The media star was seen posing up close and personal with a tall stranger, pouting a kiss in his direction. She captioned the post with, “They ask why I’m friendly to Men.I Like Men Period. Is there a problem liking Men Or Ngisfebe? Who doesn’t like Men?”. The man smiled coyly at the camera whilst Zodwa got all up in his space.Zodwa Wabantu

A number of fans commented on the post, with many questioning her on whether this is her new man. Toya Tshabala stated, “But he’s no Ben10?? What happened here.” Another commenter stated, “You are right. Men tell the truth Stick to men!”. But where is your mask, Zodwa?!


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