Leaked WhatsApp photos have exposed an extra marital affair of a prominent self-proclaimed Johanne Masowe echishanu prophet who is based in Dzivaresekwa Extension.


According to sources, Madzibaba Robson Mhaka who is also a vendor at Mbare Musika is known to frequent bars and nightclubs in Chitungwiza and other areas with several girlfriends.


H-Metro is in possession of pictures of Madzibaba Robson where he is seen kissing one of his girlfriends identified as Envialate Mapondo alias Anne of Chitungwiza.


The pictures are believed to have been taken while they were ‘relaxing’ at one of the popular joints in Chitungwiza recently. In one of the pictures he is seen kissing Anne while on the other one, he is holding her left breast.



Madzibaba Robson is married to Silence Ndarubva and they have five children including a three-week-old baby girl.

“He is involved in an extra marital affair with Anne whom he is currently paying rent for at a house in Chitungwiza. He normally frequents nightclubs with this woman,” said a source close to Madzibaba Robson.

The source added, “Maybe we believe that he is experiencing the six weeks period to engage in such activities since his wife was recently blessed with a baby girl.”

The source further added that Madzibaba Robson recently sired a child who is now two years old with another woman who resides in Crowborough, Harare.

When contacted for comment, Madzibaba Robson confirmed that it was him that was appearing on the pictures with Anne.

“I don’t how those pictures leaked but she (Anne) told me that she recently lost her cellphone to thieves in the city and maybe that is how those pictures leaked,” he said.

He pleaded with this reporter not to have the story published as it would tarnish his image both at his home and church.

This is not the first time that self-styled prophets have been implicated in extra-marital affairs, adulterous relationships, rape cases while others or criminal activities.

Last month, four self-styled prophets who operate from different shrines in Harare appeared in court on allegations of raping women who had visited their shrines for spiritual help.

Wellington Kadzviti (29), Trymore Chezhara (26), Herbert Senda (34) and Clifford Chimusoro (52), appeared before magistrate Ms Tilda Mazhande on separate records charged with rape.

Kadzviti, Chimusoro and Chezhara, are facing an additional charge of kidnapping.

Chimusoro allegedly raped his victim at gunpoint.



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