Petrol station robbery at gunpoint caught on camera

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

Robbery and other crimes are an everyday thing in South Africa. A harrowing clip of people getting robbed at gunpoint while pouring petrol at a local Engen petrol garage has been shared online.

In the clip, two petrol attendants are seen having a conversation while one of them pours petrol into a white Range Rover. Soon thereafter, a white car stops in front of the Range Rover and two gun-wielding men jump out.

One of the petrol attendants quickly scurries away while the other calmly continues pouring petrol for his customers. Meanwhile, the armed thugs collect a few items from the driver of the Range Rover and then quickly jump back into their getaway vehicle.

Mzansians had this to say about the scary clip:

@Ddawg86 said:

“What is sad about our country, you take out your gun and shoot them then you will be punished, they will say they posed no threat.”
@bgpraise said:

“If I was the attendant, I’ll spray them with the fuel hose. Errrmmmm. You shoot we all go boom.”

@sbanbani said:

“Problem is that we think garages are safe. Some even leave their engines running while going inside to get Wine Gums.”

Earlier this year In similar news, a motorist was on his way home from OR Tambo when thugs pounced. Yusuf Abramjee shared the harrowing footage on Twitter and revealed the incident took place at Wilgeheuwel.

“Airport following robbery,” he captioned the post.
The video shows a motorist pulling up to a residence’s gate before another vehicle stopped behind him. Several men then get out of the car and rob the unsuspecting motorist. South Africans were shocked and outraged over the footage and some claimed it was an inside job.

Twitter user, @goolammv, commented:

“This will never stop until they clean out all the corrupt people working in the airport. Only way these thugs get info is from inside the airport.”

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