Peter Moyo reckons he has developed balls of steel, seven years after inheriting his late father’s ‘crumbling’ empire.


However, the ex-footie star, who turns 29 on August 15, concedes all has not been rosy with him at the helm of Utakataka Express founded by the late Tongai Moyo.

And to imagine it has been seven years of him calling the shots, Peter can’t believe the journey he has travelled so far.

According to the Young Igwe, it has been a complicated script of sorrow, betrayal, defiance, vilification, faith and hard work.

This week, he opened up on his seven years at the helm of the celebrated sungura outfit.

As he celebrates a milestone, he feels he owes the nation an explanation.

But this time around it’s neither his weaknesses for ladies nor professional boobs but rather his philosophy, which has made him a ‘man’ he is now.


The energetic performer, who recently courted controversy for neglecting his siblings, responded to the reports as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘sad’.

“I will be clocking seven years at the helm of Utakataka Express but I am now reflecting on this journey with a heavy heart,” he said.

“Firstly, there have been reports that I am neglecting my siblings and that my family is almost falling apart but I think I need to clear the air once and for all.

“When it comes to family matters, I am also a kid and like in any other African set up, elders handle such issues.

“In my case, I always try my best to look after my siblings but I can’t meet all their needs on my own because I also have mine as well.

“Whenever there is an issue in our family, we task elders like uncles and aunts who are qualified to handle family disputes.

“At times, some of the decisions are made in my absence and what they only do is to relay the message to me and I will then just take it as an instruction.

“I am usually blamed for all the problems in my family because I am in the lime-light as compared to other members of the family.

“It’s common that when you are on the limelight, you are likely to be blamed for anything,” said the outspoken singer.

Peter said he was also getting along with all his siblings, amid reports there was a tiff.

“At one point, I was hurt when I read that I had chased away my siblings when in actual fact I am the one looking after them.

“For instance, when my sisters like Nicole were invited by their uncles in the UK, I gave them the green-light because they were under my custody.

“However, I was still blamed when they left with some saying I chased them away. How can I chase my siblings even if we have different mothers?” he asked.


On reports that he was Gogo Chihera (Tongai Moyo)’s favourite, Peter did not mince his words.

“I was raised by gogo and everyone in Kwekwe knows that all my life I was staying with her when others preferred to be in town.

“It’s not like I am only a favourite on her but there is a special bond between us.

“So special is the bond that we have that she trusts me than anyone else because she is the one who raised me.

“If there are issues to be resolved, I am the one who is called to resolve such disputes and I am not even scared to step in,” he said.


After all the years of experimenting, hard work and trying to restore Dhewa’s legacy, Peter says he now has his philosophy.

“When I started, I was bullied by senior band members who resisted change.

“There were some who thought I wasn’t fit to lead them and some who just left and returned.

“Some of the band members who left included Shiga Shiga, Willard Lot, drummer Guyson Sixpence, Saviours, Karikodzi but some returned.

“Shiga and Willo have since assembled their bands while Spencer is back with us.

“For continuity’s sake, I have resolved that I will just replace anyone who leaves because we can’t afford to have a situation where band members leave willy-nilly and come back when they feel just like that, which is not good for progress’ sake,” he said.

“I understand that there were some who complained about poor remuneration but they now understand that it’s hard for everyone.

“As such, we have resolved to stick with the people who can share with us the little we get at the end of the day.”


Unlike other artistes who are desperate for international shows, Peter said he would not travel with a depleted band, especially to the UK.

“I have been getting so many invitations to come and perform to the UK but I have been turning down some of the offers.

“Most promoters in the UK or abroad prefer that I come with six people but I can’t do so because my strength lies in choreography.

“I strongly believe in my dancers and whenever there is an invitation, I give them my demands and if they don’t, I just tell them find someone.

“To be honest, I can’t travel with a depleted band because my stage will be compromised.

“I don’t believe in holding shows with a makeshift band as is the case with most artistes because my brand will be at stake.

“I believe if they want my services, they should invite me with a full band and they should also value my art.”


Performance wise, Peter said he was managing to sustain his band.

“At the moment I can’t complain because our shows are paying well since most people are now taking us seriously.

“On Friday, I will be performing at Big Apple Nite Club in the capital and it feels good to be back at the venue where I have never disappointed.

“Afterwards, I will hold another show in Banket on Saturday before I proceed to Extra Mile for a family show alongside Leonard Zhakata.

“On Monday, I will then hold another show at Globe Trotter and there are even more shows coming.”


With the year coming to an end, Peter said would not end 2018 empty-handed.

“I’m currently working on a number of videos but I will first hold my 29th birthday bash in form of an eight team soccer tournament at Prince Edward on August 25.

“If all go according to plan, I will also parade my three kids – Jayden (5), Shantel (3) and Mickeila (2) – at the event, which means a lot to me as I celebrate my 29th birthday with friends and fans.

“Afterwards, I will then hold a show at Club Viscious later in the day.

“Later in the year, I will hold the Dhewa commemorations gala while new videos will come before year-end.”

With a few days before Peter turns 29, his journey so far at the helm of Utakataka Express can best be summed as a fairy tale of an heir who endured a lot in keeping his father’s legacy.



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