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Peter Moyo ‘Fiance’ Photos Go Viral

Peter Moyo 'Fiance' Photos Go Viral

Peter Moyo ‘Fiance’ Photos Go Viral

PETER ‘Dewa’ Moyo’s fiancé Caroline Rutendo Makamache yesterday opened up and gave her side of the story over photos that have gone viral on social media.

Caroline, who recently released a video titled Ndiwe has disowned the pictures attributing them to works of haters following the release of the video of her song.

The song has gained popularity with her fans and socialites on social media. Peter was recently alleged to have tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling to South Africa sometime in January. He was said to be in isolation somewhere in Harare hence his absence from social media.

He dismissed the rumor alluding his silence to network challenges as he was at his rural home in Sesombe.

However, the worst to hit to the couple are photos of his fiancé that have gone viral on social media especially on WhatsApp groups.

Threats to expose the pictures were revealed to Caroline after one Grastan Mtindizi sent the pictures via Messenger to popular Facebook group, Mvenge Mvenge/Ezomgido administrators to post but refused to so.

Grastan Mtindizi resorted to posting them to another Facebook group, MUSVO Zimbabwe, but hit a brick wall yet again. Thereafter it is believed that the nudes got in the hands of one Molly Samantha Huni who tagged them to the Mvenge Mvenge/Ezomgido group but were quickly put down by administrators.

However, they were not quick enough to remove them as most group members managed to download or take screenshots.

H-Metro asked Caroline who could be behind the pictures: “The pictures were doctored by haters and ever since I opened up about my relationship with Peter in April last year I have faced relentless attacks on social media especially after I bought him a BMW as a birthday present in August the same year,” she said.

There are several comments on Facebook Mvenge Mvenge/ Ezomgido group after one Molly Sarmantha Huni posted the pictures. Many believe that it is a strategy to get attention and fame so that her video reaches more audiences.

A number of celebrities and socialites like Pokello Nare, Stunner, Tino Katsande, to mention but a few experienced the pictures craze and followers believe she could be following in their footsteps.

“I don’t think anyone in their right mind would choose this route with the intent of becoming famous. “This is nothing short of the worst kind of evil.

I rededicated my life to God on 25 March 2015 and everything I have done since then has been for the mission to seek the face of God and a vessel of his worship.” She added.

On the video she released, “The song Ndiwe is loved by my followers and many say after listening to it they have it on loop. I have received comments that it appeals to all genres of music; reggae, urban grooves as well as gospel fans have all taken a liking to it.”

Asked if she got any hints or threats prior to this about the pictures and demanding payment. “Yes, I was alerted of the threat a week ago through messenger when one of the popular Facebook socialites reached out to me. “Initially, they made demands but later on after I refused to bend to one Grastan Mtindizi he swore that he would use them to tarnish and humiliate me.

I do not know Grastan nor Molly at all and I believe they are ghost accounts,” said Caroline.

Caroline added that she has a team that is working on tracing the origins of the pictures and will take legal action. “Yes, a relative of mine who is also directly affected by these malicious images has made a police report and they are currently tracing the origins of the pictures.”

Asked how her fiancé Peter reacted: “Peter has been supportive, I cannot imagine the amount of love that God must-have for me to have given me a partner who is relentless in fighting for me.

“Obviously he is hurt by the actions of these people and if humiliation was what the perpetrators were aiming for then they have won.

We are still okay, so they have dismally failed again to break us up,” she said. Meanwhile Peter Moyo has leaped to the defense of his US-based lover.

Social media has been awash with Caroline’s pictures with some poking fun at her while others were curious to hear the Utakataka Express heir’s position.

Despite all the shame and mockery which come with nudity, the Young Igwe — as Peter Moyo is fondly known — said the leaked pictures have made their affair stronger. “I was speaking to her through video call just a moment ago and I told her to be strong and leave people to say what they want.

“By the way, we all have our past as humans and Caroline should not be punished for her past because I also have mine. “Whoever leaked them should be ashamed and get a life because Caroline has moved on and she has started a new life altogether,” he said.

The Kwekwe bred singer whose affair with Caroline blossomed when she bought him a car on his birthday last year said people should leave him to make decisions when it comes to matters of the heart.

“I was prompted to give my side of the story to the leaked pictures because people have been on my neck ever since the pictures leaked.

“I know people will always bring me into the discussion because I make news and I don’t care anymore. “I am also aware that I am the subject because its lockdown where people have nothing much to do,” he said.

Both camps have also rubbished claims that the leaked pictures were a stunt to prop up the two artistes. Caroline has just released an accompanying video for her single Ndiwe while Peter Moyo is currently grounded on lockdown.

Meanwhile, Peter Moyo said all was well in his camp during the COVID-19 lockdown. “I’m safe during the period and I have realized that staying at a private place in Harare has helped me to save.

“If I had been in Kwekwe, I could have squandered my savings on booze and other things because I have many friends there. “In Harare, it’s purely business and I am happy that I have saved enough to pay my band members from my own savings,” he said.

The ex-footie said his grandmother — Chihera — who raised him in Sesombe was well taken care of during the lockdown period.

“I was in Kwekwe recently where I bought her some groceries and she is happy that I am looking after her. “She is aware of the situation we are in and I wish to visit her as soon as normalcy returns,” he said.


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