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Peter Moyo confesses

Dewa Muzik ZIMETRO

Peter Moyo confesses.

Like chieftaincy, being a musician in Zimbabwe seems to be passed from one generation to another as children take over from where their parents would have left off. Unlike other artists, the offsprings of musicians rarely suffer for recognition or to get off the ground as they use their well-known parents’ reputations to get to the industry.

Peter Dewa MoyoWhile other people are born to families of musicians, others become musicians because they are talented and take a liking to the trade. Talent in some families runs in the veins. If its singing it becomes a family of singers, while other families are blessed with different talents.

One would point out that even before people got to know what Ammara Brown or Selmor Mtukudzi sings about they already loved them, their names became popular even before their music was. But some just follow their father’s footsteps even if they had their own preferred career paths.

In an interview, Peter Moyo, son of the late legendary sungura musician Tongai Dewa Moyo, who took over the reigns after the legend’s death told this publication that being a musician was not part of his plans, but he became a musician to honour his father’s wish.

Dewa Muzik ZIMETRO“I was a professional footballer and never dreamt of being a musician but my father asked me to carry on his music legacy on his death bed so I had to respect and honour his wish, but for the past seven years I have fallen in love with music, it is now in my veins, it is now my life,” Moyo said.



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