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“Pay $25 chebasa kana uchida mwana wako” – Dzivarasekwa Poly Clinic Nurses exposed

Durban woman with coronavirus gives birth to a baby with coronavirus

“Pay $25 chebasa kana uchida mwana wako” – Dzivarasekwa Poly Clinic Nurses exposed

Dzivarasekwa Poly Clinic has come under fire from residents who have decided to voice their grievances after many of them were asked to fork out extra money if they want help to deliver their babies.

In the Facebook group ‘Dzivarasekwa Dot Coms (DZ)’ a post that was shared to expose the inhumane acts that are being done by the clinics staff triggered an outrage with many commenting with how they suffered the same wrath.

Below is the unedited post that was shared:

*Dzivarasekwa Poly Clinic is charging pregnant mothers an extra fee of 25 us,They threaten those in labour pain vachiti kana uchida mwana wako ndipe chebasa more over varikuti ukavanyima mari vanoku refer kuHarare Hospital as a way yekukupfidzisa, The sister in charger is not doing anything coz she might be benefiting from that system, RTGS is not needed pakunyoresa nhumbu varikuti US dollar asi votora Mari voisa muhomwe vonoswiper nemacard avo at low rate,Zvareva here kuti tofa nenhumbu vana Mukoti varipo,mwana ofira mudumbu here Mukoti asingandicheuke nekuti handina Mari yechiokomuhomwe*

*Pliz forward this msg to save lives information isvikewo kuvakuri imagine mwana akarembera shupa yaputika wonzi kana uchida mwana ararame hunza 25 us kokana isipo chii chinoitika*

Below are some of the comments:

"Pay $25 chebasa kana uchida mwana wako" - Dzivarasekwa Poly Clinic Nurses exposed

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