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CONTEMPORARY gospel musician Stanley “Pastor G” Gwanzura on Monday turned 50.

In an interview with H-Metro, Pastor G could not hide his elation as he marked his golden jubilee.

“I feel grateful to God and I am living for the world to come.

“I am living my life in the light of eternity so I am just so thankful to God for allowing me 50 years on this planet and to serve his purpose.

“God’s purpose means everything to me, I do not care much about accolades or being famous, I care more about what God thinks of me, with all my faults and weaknesses and with all my strengths and achievements,” he said.

Asked how he has been keeping himself from the world’s adversities, he said God’s grace has been doing wonders for him.

“I have been keeping myself from all these adversities by God’s grace. There is no one who can keep themselves form the adversities of the world, an adversity comes not to destroy us but to make us stronger.

“Everyone can face adversities and the only way we can all survive them is by the grace of God and also responding through faith, trusting and believing in God and leaning on his strength more than our own strength.

“The Bible clearly says that in His strength in my weakness I am made strong, adversities are there, you know what is happening in the world with the pandemic, with everything going on in Zimbabwe, with the economic down turn and everything,” Pastor G told H-Metro.

Pastor G believes the secret that has kept him safe and alive till this day is the relationship he has with God.

“There is no secret, the true fact is that ndiMwari anotiraramisa.

“There is no way that we can plan our lives and say this year I will be alive even for the next three or even the next five years.

“God’s number will always come, I lost my father on the 7th of July, he had a stroke and a heart failure and he passed on and it was not easy but still in the light of those things I am so grateful because he lived for 86 years,” he said.

He added:

“The secret is God, he is the strength of my life, and people have died who believed in God and who love God simply because when it is God’s time for us we will go and if it is not his time we will live through Covid-19 and even the economic down turn.

“Having a personal relationship with God is the secret, he helps us to have perspective and even people who do not know God are still alive but the secret for me is God.”


Pastor G recently released a single called Versace Nebhachi which he dedicated to himself for his 50th birthday.

“My 50th birthday song is Versace Nebhachi which simply says that I do not relay on what the world gives me but I rely on having a relationship with God.

“Mwana waMwari famba naMwari kwete Versace neBhachi kwete trusting the things of this world for they are passing away and when you die you do not take them with you.

“I wrote that song in March just at the beginning of the pandemic and I wrote it because I could see where the world was going and the Lord gave me the inspiration to write it.Versace neBhachi is metaphor for anything that is materialistic and I dedicated it to my 50th birthday because I want to continue trusting and believing I God,” Pastor G said.

The gospel artiste said he was working on his 14th album entitled Hope Reloaded.

“Yes, I am working on an album which is probably going to be called Hope Reloaded and it is scheduled for release Easter next year.

“Right now I am going to be releasing several singles and in the next three weeks I am hoping to release another single called Zvichanaka 2020 and it is another song for positive hope and faith.

“For now I am just releasing singles till I release the full album,” he said.

As he celebrates a remarkable milestone, Pastor enlisted the number of albums and single he released in his career spanning close to three decades.

“My first album ever is called Tidings of love and I have a group that I co-founded called Tidings of love and I recorded three albums with them, Vhangeri which is the 2nd album and Tamirira.

“On my solo projects there is Tariro released in 2000 then Reflections of a Street Preacher(2003), Diary of a Street Preacher(2004), Sounds of a Street Preacher( 2005), Quadrology Plus(2008), Inspiration(2008), Mhoroi(2008), Indestructible(2012), Unstoppable(2014), Legacy(2016), Victory 11(2019) and am now working on Hope Reloaded.

“This month am releasing a Live CD called Live of the 7 Arts”

The gospel artiste says he has achieved what God desired for him throughout his music career. I believe I have achieved what God wants me to achieve.

“I believe in the will and the plan of God so much, I believe that every album and every song that I have released into the atmosphere has touched somebody somewhere somehow, I feel I have achieved what God has desired for me so far.

“If God has more for me, I believe I will achieve more within the next couple of years. There is still more to be done and more that I want to do but also I just want to listen to the voice of God and do God’s will.

“Right now I am working on a group called One Heart Worship which featured on Versace neBhachi.

“It is a mentorship team and we are mentoring young artistes such as Ezekiel Paul, Tasha, such as Simba Chinyanga and so many other young artistes that I am mentoring through that,” he said.