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Passport Fees To Be Hiked


The govt is set to raise passport fees in a bid to raise enough forex to produce the much-needed passports Daily News reports.


This was revealed by the registrar general Clemence Masango who spoke to the media and said:

The matter (of increasing fees) is now with Treasury. They have the final say on the adjustments after we have advised them.

The process is underway … If there is a change in fees

or anything to do with a policy that will be properly communicated.

The RG’s remarks are coming amidst a passport crisis that has seen the passport office has a backlog of over 300K. However, Mr Masango said he is optimistic that, by March 2020 they will have cleared the passports backlog as they have increased production to 2000 a day and can work 2 shifts and bump up their production to 4000 per day.

– Daily News

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